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Our Team

Glenn Bothwell - President/CEO
Glenn is the founder of BCC solar and parent company Bothwell Construction Corporation. Glenn began his career in construction at a young age and quickly excelled. Through 40-plus years in the field, he has tirelessly pursed excellence, and he has developed a reputation for being able to deliver the highest quality products in the most technically challenging environments. Bothwell is very passionate about the work performed by his company, preferring a hands-on approach to impart that passion to his staff. He can often be found in the field leading and training his crews to ensure that the final product is more than what the client expects. Glenn is also an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking and fishing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He has witnessed firsthand the growth of smog and pollution that has crept from the cities to the mountains and he is doing his part to combat that by building a green home, reducing his carbon footprint, and promoting and installing solar systems for his clients.

Greg Draxton - Chief Operations Officer

Greg has been with BCC for over eight years and has been instrumental in helping grow the company to the scale it is today. Like Glenn, Greg is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the product that he and his staff deliver. Draxton works tirelessly to maintain quality. Personal: Greg grew up in the Lake Tahoe area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He loves the outdoors and studied forest service, best management practices, as well as land air water resources while receiving his B.S. at UC Davis. His experiences growing up in the outdoors combined with his studies at UC Davis have left a deep desire in him to do more to combat pollution. Greg strongly believes in the ability of solar to reduce the fossil fuel plants currently in use and he has been a major proponent of teaching people and businesses the benefits of solar.

Matt Stutler - Chief estimator

Matt Bothwell - Director of new business development
Matt holds a MBA from Santa Clara University and a BS from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and a California contractor. Matt has spent 10+ years in the fields of construction and real estate and has created and continues to run a real estate asset management and development firm in Southern California. Matt is very independent and loves the feeling of freedom associated with owning a solar system. He also believes that energy independence is critical to our national security.

Tina Hill - VP finance


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