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The Solar Benefits

Solar reduces your monthly bills.

A solar system is a good investment. Whether financed or purchased outright, you will see an instant reduction in your monthly bills. Under the best circumstances, your investment will return 10%-25% annually, and can save some residential users more than $100,000 over the life of the system. Commercial users can see even greater savings.

Solar increases the value of your property.

According to data from The Appraisal Institute, the value of your property increases by $20,000 for every $1000 reduction in annual operating costs. A properly installed solar system can add more equity to your property than it costs to install. By installing a system and taking advantage of current rebates, you can lower your bills while adding instant equity.

Solar is an attractive resale quality. In this real estate market any advantage can help. A solar system on your property can help differentiate you from the competition.

Solar provides you with independence.

Installing a solar system allows you to generate and deliver your own power. The fuel comes from the sun, and it's free! A solar system can eliminate dependence on your local utility, and it can help mitigate America's dependence on fuel imported from overseas.

Solar is good for the country and the environment.

An average household solar system can reduce 13,000 pounds of pollution per year. We, at BCC, believe that it doesn't matter where you stand on the big picture discussion on global warming; we know we have all seen the effects of smog locally and, together, we believe it is important to begin bringing blue skies back.

More than 70% of the power produced in the US comes from burning fossil fuels. Many of those fuels are imported from volatile regions of the world. This transfers jobs and wealth out of the US and into some countries that do not see America as a force for good in the world. In addition, the constraints from limited energy resources and the ever increasing costs are limiting growth. As NY time's columnist Thomas Friedman wrote in his recent bestseller "Hot Flat and Crowed" a green revolution can create a new more prosperous economy for America's future.

Solar hedges against the historical 7% annual energy price increase.

On average, electric rates have increased by nearly 7% per year over the last 38 years. In essence, the rates have doubled every 12 years. Analysts predict that this annual increase will continue at approximately the same rate over the next 20 years. By investing in a solar system now and taking advantage of the available incentives, you are able to lock in a lower and constant rate today thereby avoiding rising energy prices in the future.

Current incentives and rebates can exceed 50% of the system cost.

The recent stimulus package included a tax credit for residential solar and a rebate for commercial solar. These factors reduce the cost of a solar system by 30%. Additionally, the CSI (California Solar Initiative) rebate can further reduce the cost of the system up to 20%. Both the CSI rebate and the federal stimulus incentives are set to expire. If you have ever considered a solar system, now is the time to take advantage and secure your future. At BCC Solar, our staff will complete all the required applications and forms to ensure that you maximize the amount of incentives available for your purchase.


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