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Residential Solar

Solar for your home has never been easier or more attractive. BCC Solar has a dedicated team of professionals who will come to your home and provide a free energy audit as well as a custom quote. We will handle the entire process, from permitting, to installation, to rebate paperwork. BCC can even provide financing.

How it works

Solar systems are a safe, simple, clean, quiet, and reliable way to create power for your home using free energy from the sun.

Most systems consist of the panels, racking or mounting hardware, electrical wiring, and an inverter which converts DC to AC. Once installed, these systems require little or no maintenance at all. The energy created from the sunlight flows to your home, and any excess energy is sold back to the utility company. The utility will keep track of the amount of energy you buy from them versus how much you sell to them. Experienced installers such as BCC Solar will design a system that will produce just the right amount of power to offset your usage and bring your utility bill close to zero.

Benefits of Solar

  • Solar reduces your monthly bills
  • Solar increases the value of your property
  • Solar provides you with independence
  • Solar is good for the country and the environment
  • Solar is a hedge against historical 7% annual energy price increase
  • Current incentives and rebates can exceed 50% of the system cost

See Why Solar for details.

Why BCC Solar?

A BCC Solar system can be installed on any type of existing or new roofing system and our expert installers can complete most jobs in as little as one to two days. Our people are professional, highly skilled & well trained, extremely efficient and friendly. The result is that you get the greatest return on investment at the lowest cost.


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