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Industrial Solar

Manufacturing or processing facilities that require large amounts of power and/or hot water now have a cost effective alternative by developing their own solar parabolic trough power plants.

New technology, government incentives, and power purchase agreements have dramatically reduced the cost of these facilities and thereby reduced the cost of energy they produce. This reduction in energy cost can give your business a much needed competitive advantage, and it may serve as a hedge against rising energy prices. Solar parabolic trough power plants are ideal solutions for agricultural processing facilities or vineyards with a need for 1 MW of power and at least four acres of developable land.

Solar parabolic trough technology is the most proven solar thermal electric technology. This technology has been deployed in the California desert since 1984. A typical system uses a field of parabolic trough collectors to heat a fluid which then produces steam which powers a steam turbine/generator cycle.

BCC Solar is uniquely qualified to develop and build utility scale power plants using solar parabolic trough technology. Working for clients such as Verizon, Nextel, and AT&T, BCC has developed a world class reputation for quality and responsiveness. We respond to new problems that may arise in complex design/builds with remarkable speed. We know that installation procedures can significantly reduce failures. To combat this, we have implemented strict quality adherence /quality control processes to ensure installation is done to design specifications.

Our goal in the construction process is to partner with you to maximize the efficiency of your power plant by constructing the facilities precisely to your specifications at the lowest possible cost.

BCC Solar will provide you with a turn key solar parabolic trough facility.


  • Planning/Permitting/Entitlements
  • Site preparation and grading
    • Solar field
    • Power plant
  • Power cycle site infrastructure
    • Concrete foundations/slabs/pedestal
    • Collector interconnect
    • Utilities conduit and trenching
  • Solar field construction
    • Pylons
    • Collector structure installation and alignment
    • Mirror installation
    • Drive & controls assembly
    • Collector interconnect
  • Power Cycle infrastructure development-(provided by partners)
  • Water infrastructure improvements
  • Wastewater evaporation ponds
  • Bio remediation facilities
  • Utilities conduit and trenching
  • Ongoing maintenance and cleaning
  • Quality assurance/quality control procedures
  • Construction scheduling/budgets for lenders/partners
  • Large bonding capabilities
  • Financial strength


The recent stimulus package included a tax credit for residential solar and a rebate for commercial solar that reduces the cost of the system by 30%. Additionally the CSI or California Solar Initiative rebate can further reduce the cost of the system up to 20%. Both the CSI rebate and the federal stimulus incentives are set to expire. If you have ever considered a solar system now is the time to take advantage and secure your future. At BCC Solar our staff will complete all the required applications and forms to ensure that you maximize the amount of incentives available for your purchase.


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