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PPA / Financing

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an arrangement that allows a person or company to acquire and use a solar system without having to pay the upfront cost of the system.

The benefits are similar to outright purchase in that the user gets to lock in reduced electricity rates, while at the same time, contributing to universal energy and environmental goals. In a PPA, the provider (not the user) typically maintains and operates all aspects of the system. The provider will pay all of the upfront costs and charge the user a reduced rate for electricity. The rate is much lower than the current rate from the utilities and is locked in for 10-20 years thereby saving the user thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

BCC Solar can provide you with PPA's on systems over 100kw in size. We have gone through an extensive vetting process for PPA providers, and we will install and maintain the system to ensure performance.


BCC Solar has developed a number of relationships with financial firms who specialize in financing solar systems. We will walk you through the rebate and financing process work with the bank to secure your loan. We will create a custom package based on the merits of your project, and we can even provide our own financing in some cases.


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