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Our Mission and Values

At BCC solar, we believe that the single most important issue we face as a country is our need for "clean energy independence." Solar energy will contribute to a "green revolution," creating prosperity for all Americans.

Solar benefits:

Economy - affordable, abundant energy will help US economy flourish once again.

Environment - At a micro level, we have all seen smog in the cities we live in. A solar system on your roof can help reduce the amount of coal burned to power your home. Someday, we hope to see the skies of the cities we live in as bright and blue as the skies are in the mountains. that we enjoy.

Country - The burgeoning solar industry creates jobs in the USA and reduces the money being sent to overseas.

You! - Owning a solar system will not only make you feel good about doing something to help, but it can also help you achieve personal financial goals by saving your hard earned dollars. Depending on your locale, a solar system can save more than $100,000 over its lifetime.

Solar power is part of the solution and we walk the walk. Our corporate facilities are powered by a rooftop solar system and our CEO lives in a green home. The objective at BCC is to bring solar to every home and business that would benefit from it. We aim to do this by educating people to the benefits of solar and by providing and installing these systems at the lowest cost with the highest attention to quality.


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